2 Chronicles 1:1-12 (7) – That night God appeared to Solomon and said to him: “Ask. What should I give you?” (CSB)

Read: Philippians 4:19

God holds the keys to heaven. When He decides to bless, He does it exclusively. In today’s Bible reading, God appeared to King Solomon to ask him what he wanted. Solomon asked for wisdom, and God added wealth to his blessings. To date, Solomon is the wisest man who has ever lived.

It is important to take notice of what Solomon did to deserve the abundant offer from God. 2 Chronicles 1:6 says: “Solomon went up to the bronze altar before the Lord in the tent of meeting and offered a thousand burnt offerings on it.” Solomon’s sacrificial giving opened up the doors to generational wealth and wisdom.

Beloved, what can you sacrifice to God to trigger the blessings from above? Several years ago, I decided to give all I had, including my transportation fare, at a Church vigil. When I got home, I received fifty-fold more of what I gave, and it was also in pounds. God honours genuine sacrifice by giving you more than you can imagine.

On the other hand, your offerings do not necessarily have to be financial, but they must be proportionate to what God knows you are capable of. Are you willing to pay the price of holiness, witnessing, and doing what is right? Whatever it is you are able to do, do it quickly. The God of all grace will provide for your needs according to His riches in glory.


Song: Give to the Lord — Ron Kenoly (1995)

1. Father, give me the grace to sacrifice my all for You.

2. Father, please spice up my life with wisdom and prosperity.


1. Father, deliver me and the Church from unconscious habits that will drag us to hell.

2. Father, let Your grace see me through my sojourn in life.

3. Any element or event used to curse me and the work of my hands. Be neutralise and work in my favour!


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