Psalms 145:8-9 – The LORD is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. (v. 8—NIV)

Read: Romans 5:8, 6:23

A little boy was pushing his roller at a dangerous pace. His dad tried to guard him, but he thought the father wanted to disrupt his play, not knowing that the man had foreseen a potential danger. The child felt he didn’t need his dad, and suddenly he slipped. The good news is that the father was there to hold him, lest he bang his head.

Just as the boy was preoccupied with pleasure and almost got himself injured, many people still toy with sins and tread on the path of destruction. However, God is loving and able to forgive and pick you up when you stumble. In today’s Bible reading, the Psalmist testified of the depth of God’s mercy and loving-kindness. This depth is so deep and is revealed through Christ’s love (and death) for mankind.

Beloved, like the father who ensured his son did not get himself injured, this is Christ’s testimony when He died for you on the cross of Calvary. He did this because He wants the best for you and has outlined the instructions for maintaining the life of salvation in the Scriptures. You only need to trust and obey!

Peradventure, you have gone astray from the Father’s will and love. I encourage you to make a return. God seeks your redemption, not your destruction. He loves you and is calling and waiting. Will you heed the call?


Hymn: Softly and Tenderly, Jesus is Calling – Will L. Thompson (1880)

1. Father, I love You and appreciate all You do for me.

2. Spend quality time asking God for forgiveness of your sins. Tell Him to show you mercy!

3. Holy Spirit, give me a revelation of God’s love.


1. Dreams of manipulation and exchange of my glory, I cancel your manifestation with the blood of Jesus.

2. Father, terminate any seeds of shame and retrogression planted in my life, business, and marriage.

3. The agenda of hell and man to cause me, my family, and the Church to weep before the year ends is scattered!


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