Romans 14:12 – Yes, each of us will give a personal account to God. (NLT)

A boy was sent by his father to buy him food. The boy hurried because of the urgency. On his way back, he saw his mates playing football, and he joined them. Meanwhile, he left the food in the care of unknown people and completely forgot the assignment. The boy played his heart out, and when night came, the owner of the ball picked it up. Game over! It’s time for everyone to go home.

That moment, the child remembered he was on an errand. He quickly went where he kept the food but goats already ate it, so he picked the plate with sadness. All the excitement of the game had disappeared. The people clapping for him are gone, the ball itself is gone, time is gone, the restaurants were now closed, and the boy couldn’t buy another portion of food. Regrets took over as he sluggishly walked home with tears. He left the house with a clean plate but returned with the same empty but dirty plate. The boy knew the implications of the wasted time and that his dad would discipline him!

Beloved, we have a home and a father to whom we shall return. We must never get distracted. Don’t rejoice when people clap for you while doing the wrong things; they won’t be there when you are to give an account to God. As seen in our Bible reading, everyone will be judged by their deeds. What are you doing with the plate of your destiny? Always remember that you are on earth for a purpose. When evening comes, you would be alone to report to your maker. What will you tell Him?


Hymn: Work, for the Night Is Coming – Anna L. Coghill (1854)

1. Father, help me to fulfil my divine and physical mandate and never get distracted.


1. Father, help me never to fall from Your grace. Uphold me till the end.

2. Holy Ghost, quench every unholy thought and disastrous ambition in my life.

3. Helpers of destiny, locate my life, family and the Church.

4. Father, silence every silencer of my joy and testimony.

5. Any eyes, monitoring my life and destiny for evil. Be blinded!


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