Job 8:7 – Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase (KJV).

To rise means an upward movement in physical, and spiritual growth, or a positive change in status or profession. There is always a higher stage that a person can attain in destiny. In the Book of Genesis 37-41, Joseph was hated by his brethren and was sold to Egypt. But throughout Joseph’s enslavement, he was upright, and God was with him (Acts 7:9-10). I pray in the name of Jesus that, amidst all you are going through at this time, the Almighty God will be with you and you will have breakthroughs.

What level are you at now, or are you afraid of the future? See what today’s Bible reading says—that though your starting point may be small, the ending is what matters. Joseph did not only serve as a slave in Egypt; he also spent time in prison, from where he became the prime minister of the strange land. Beloved, I encourage you to never define your situation by your current circumstances. Hold on, keep going, and don’t allow your background to push you to the ground. Even when the world wages war against you or mocks you, continue to pray and work hard; you will later discover that the enemies are paving the way for your glory to shine!

More importantly, it takes a righteous, steadfast, and favoured man to rise higher. Be determined to learn from and live like Joseph, and you will prevail over all your challenges.


Hymn: Higher Ground – Johnson Oatman, Jr. (1898)

1. Father, please take me to the very top this year.

2. The God of Joseph, take me from “prison to palace.”

3. Ask those things you desire to testify about this month!


1. I terminate every agenda of hell against my spiritual and physical prosperity.

2. Father, please break the covenant of failure and backwardness in my life, my nation, and the church.

3. Any power that wants me to cry at the end of my life, scatter!


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