Good morning and

congratulations dear family of God.

It is with great joy and honour to welcome you into the glorious month of October.

By God’s grace, this month is our month of multiple favours. October of Favour.

The all-round favour of God shall be your daily experience in this time and season.

God will back you up in each of your assignments.

Commotion and frustration shall be far from you.

You will enjoy peace at home and honour in the open places.

The light of God that has begun to shine forth within you and around your life shall never go deem.

In the month of October, every prayer request you have shall receive an automatic answer.

You and your household will never run into error whether during the day or at night.

Everywhere you go, the favour of God will be your identity.

Even the strong doors bound with chains shall melt at your presence in October.

You will see your products flourish.

In the month of October, how God will help you shall be a surprise even to you and your adversaries.

God will broker peace between those in authority so that they may settle your case.

Your dry barn will be filled with the wine of celebration and bread of life.

In this month of multiplied favour, every tongue that rises up against you shall shut down.

Whoever says that you will not see the end of this month, shall go down.

I decree every good work of your hands shall prosper.

God will turn your situation around to glory.

You will receive multiple offers of promotion to high places.

This very month of October 2022, you will rise beyond your personal and family limitations.

The world shall come to the light of God in you and you will rule on your throne.

I pray for you that affliction, both small or big, will never ravage your life, home and business.

You will always emerge a divine champion.

Oh! When the world says there is a casting down, in October, you enjoy God’s manifold blessings.

You will smile to, and at the bank this month of October.

God will wipe away every weeping from your eyes.

In this month, all that is due for you shall find its route to your hands.

God will cause you to arise from every grace and establish you in His own will.

In October, you will be too blessed to be cursed.

This October, even the blessed shall call you blessed.

God will make your feet like that of a deer and you will not be shaken.

That one help or signature you need to crossover from obscurity into the limelight, receive it, in the name of Jesus!

All the good things your hands have started shall be completed and enjoyed by you. No one will take your place or steal your benefits.

When it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labour, you will never go missing.

Heaven shall position people at every strategic junction of your life and in this month to help you.

Every time bomb ticking down for your destruction shall expire by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

Your testimony will be too big to believe.

In the month of October, your spiritual relationship with God will move to a higher dimension.

You will see beyond the ordinary and hear the inaudible!

October shall be the beginning of your long-awaited breakthroughs.

God’s will and wisdom shall find expression in your life, home and business.

Enjoy God’s mercy, multiple favours, and multiplied grace.

Your restful season has begun. Give God praise. Hallelujah.


© The Food of Champions 2022

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