Hebrews 12:2A – Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith (KJV)

If Christ is all you have, you do not need to worry about anything because He is the God of all flesh. There is nothing He cannot do (Jeremiah 32:27). Jesus can do the unthinkable! There was a time Pastor E. A Adeboye was driving from Eastern Nigeria to Lagos. At midway, his car fuel emptied, and he could not get petrol due to fuel scarcity. That moment, God spoke to him, “Son, take your eyes off the gauge.”

God created everything. When He is in your boat, He can quickly refine and command the natural resources for your use. No wonder Jesus told Peter to let down His nets to catch fishes where he could not grab one earlier (Luke 5:1-7). Similarly, God instructed the birds to feed Elijah in the brook (1 Kings 17:1-6). But then, it takes people of great faith to believe and obey divine instructions despite opposing reality. If Pastor Adeboye had continued looking at the gauge, he would not have gotten home that day.

Beloved, I may not know your situation, but God is saying, “I am in your boat. Take your eyes off the distractions”. As seen in today’s Bible reading, Christ is the originator and custodian of faith. He is Emmanuel; He is right there with you (Matthew 1:23). Therefore, jerk up your faith, divert your thoughts from those issues and look up to Jesus. He will help you! Peradventure, you are yet to have Christ in your boat. Invite Him into your abode; He will stay with you (Revelation 3:20).


Hymn: Trust and Obey — John H. Sammis (1887)

1. Father, I believe that You are in my boat. In Your mercy, take over my life, career, marriage (Mention).


1. Father, I thank You for yet another day.

2. Lord Jesus! Please, forgive my doubts and help me to always trust in You.

3. My head; reject manipulation. Receive the power to remain on top and never beneath.

4. Father, arise for me lest Your name be mocked in my life, family, nation and the Church.


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