Revelations 21:6-8 (7) – Those who are victorious will inherit all this, and I will be their God and they will be my children. (NIV)

The end of time and God’s judgement are near as the nose is to the eyes. Today’s Bible reading indicates that the victors over sin will inherit the kingdom of God. On the other hand, the destination of sinners is the lake of fire, which burns with sulphur and brimstone to torment the body. Revelations 21:8 lists the people who are fearful, unbelievers, abominable, sorcerers, murderers, whoremongers, idolaters, and liars as partakers in the lake of fire.

This prompts a personal examination to check that you are not a victim of Satan’s scheme through sin and cunning activities. If you are nursing lustful desires and engaging in sins such as gossiping, fornication, or adultery, you are dancing at the gate of hell. It is risky to be in this condition because no one knows the day of Christ’s coming. Also, when a person dies in iniquity, their fate is sealed and they will spend the rest of their lives in damnation.

However, the good news is that if you are still able to read this devotional, there is an opportunity for you to return to the path of life. Through His death on the cross, Christ has paid it all for your sins (Romans 5:8). You only need to confess your sins and profess Jesus as your saviour. The Holy Spirit will lead you on the journey of salvation even as your place is preserved in God’s kingdom.


Hymn: Softly and Tenderly, Jesus Is Calling — Will L. Thompson (1880)

1. Father, I acknowledge that I am a sinner (or a backslider). Please forgive me and give me a second chance.

2. Holy Spirit, help me stand and walk upright till the very end.


1. Any gathering organising my destruction, Father, disgrace them and prepare a table before me in their presence.

2. The household wickedness overruling my testimonies, I break your chain of control.

3. Any power sitting on my glory, promotion, and benefit, catch fire!

(Day 4 of the RCCG Convention (Golden Jubilee). Watch via (Youtube/rccglive)

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