Jeremiah 17:7-8 (7) – “But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him (NIV).

There is a clear difference between putting confidence in man and trusting God. Human help may seem direct and attractive, but God’s help guarantees long-lasting blessings. A story was told of two men who begged at the king’s gate. As the king rode out daily, the first beggar would shout, “blessed is he whom the king helps,” while the second beggar would say, “blessed is the man that God helps.” The king always felt pleased to hear the first beggar’s praises, and he decided to reward him with a cake that had gold hidden inside it.

The beggar needed money, so he ignorantly sold the cake to the second beggar at a low price. When the man saw the gold, he sold it and became wealthy. He did not return to the king’s gate, and as the king passed, he saw the first beggar still begging. Therefore, he asked if he had cut the cake, and the beggar replied, “No sir, I traded it with my friend.” The king shook his head in disappointment and said, “Indeed, blessed is he who God helps.”

Beloved, those who put their hope in God will never know shame. When your time comes, no man, rule, or location can stop God from doing His will in your life. He will work, and no one will hinder Him. From today’s Bible reading, I encourage you to continually trust God and walk by faith in your life’s pursuit. Never despise the help of man, but intentionally look up to Jesus. He will not delay in uplifting you!


Hymn: Blessed Be the Name—William H. Clark (1888)

1. Father, I put my trust in You. Please help me to always stick to Your plan for me.


1. Father, if I have lost the memory of Your kindness to me, please remind me of Your goodness.

2. I dethrone the satanic king who rules over my life, benefit, nation, and the church.

3. Father, turn every disappointment into blessings in my life.


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