Psalms 20:3 – May he accept all your offerings and be pleased with all your sacrifices. (GNT)

In the Book of Genesis 18, Abraham unknowingly entertained some angels, which triggered Isaac’s birth. He then surrendered his only son as a sacrifice to God (Genesis 22:1-18). No wonder God fulfilled His covenant with him (Genesis 17:1-10). Similarly, Solomon gave a thousand burnt offerings in one day so that the Lord presented him with a blank cheque for him to ask whatever he wishes (2 Chronicles 1:1-12).

Hannah also paid the price of persistent prayer and faith to have Samuel (1 Samuel 1-2). Joseph, an upright man, also did the odd to please God, especially when he refused Mrs Potiphar’s immoral offer. Therefore, God announced him through his gifting (Genesis 39). Finally, the poor widow in Mark 12:41-44 gave all she had so that she was divinely recognised.

Beloved, all the people in the above examples did something, in particular, to draw heaven’s attention because nothing happens for free! There are things to be done to hasten God’s promises for our lives. What price are you willing or paying to enjoy answered prayers? Think about this! For, when you are selflessly devoted to God, praying and actively involved in pleasing Him, He will accept your sacrifices as confirmed by our Bible reading.


Hymn: Showers of Blessing – Daniel W. Whittle (1883)

1. Father, please remember my prayers, labour of love and offerings (mention).

2. Father, grant me the grace to give my all for You.


1. Give glory to the Lord and decree:

a. My flower shall not fade away!

b. I am not a candidate for labour without favour and reward.

2. Vengeance of the wicked, hanging over my head, break!

3. By divine grace, I shall not give the wrong and abominable seed.

4. Every delay to my accelerated breakthrough; expire!

“Your divine remembrance is dependent on the volume and level of your input.”

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