Matthew 6:19-34 (19)
“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. (NIV)

“When we die, our money remains in the bank, yet when we are alive, we don’t have enough to spend. In reality, when we are gone, there would still be plenty unspent money, and people who had no idea of how you laboured will comfortably spend the money without apologies.” This could be true, because a business tycoon once died, and his widow, left with $1.9 Billion, married the man’s driver who said: “All the while, I thought I was working for my boss… it is only now that I realise my boss was all the time, working for me!”

Beloved, it is more important to live for God than to depend on earthly wealth as seen in our Bible reading (Proverbs 23:5), and the more reason we must have a consistently solid relationship with the Lord. Daily as we make a living for ourselves, we should not forget that “It will end here on earth.” We will not take anything with us when we are gone (Psalms 49:16-20). However, it is what is done for God that will stand. Think about the influential people of yesteryears; they were the topic of society. But many are now dead and forgotten because no matter how much they were loved not even their closest relatives took the plunge with them into the grave. It all ended at the grave’s side.

Therefore, be wise! Gather yourself together and live for what matters most to God. Nurture your soul and be prepared for the coming of our Lord Jesus (Psalms 130:5)


Hymn: Take My Life and Let It Be – Frances Ridley Havergal (1874)

  1. Father, help me to be prudent in my spending, in honour to You!


  1. Any power disguising in order to attack me, be expose and scatter.
  2. Father, help me to honour, listen and obey my parent’s guidance.
  3. Powers that says I must die before my time, replace me there!