Mark 9:23-27 (24) – Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” (NIV)

Yesterday, we learnt about the disciples’ inability to heal the boy possessed by an unclean spirit, causing Christ to refer to the people as an “unbelieving generation”. Today, we will look at the statement made by the boy’s father in our Bible reading. When Jesus was about to heal the boy, He said that all things were possible for those who believed. But the father replied, “I do believe; help my unbelief”, and the boy was set free soon after.

What the man told Jesus meant that he believed in what God could do, yet his son’s condition was so overwhelming that he couldn’t physically see how God would help in that situation. Therefore, he cried out to Jesus to boost his unbelief (level of faith). There are times and circumstances when your faith may be too little to receive anything, even when the Bible says, “If your faith is as a mustard seed, you can move mountains.” (Matthew 17:20). However, the good news is that God can still help your unbelief or inadequate faith just as He overruled the father’s faith to heal the child.

Beloved, whatever the level of your faith presently, you need humility and a lack of pretence to tell Jesus the state of your faith. I urge you to talk to God to help your unbelief and increase your confidence to rise over all kinds of doubt. As you pray, you will experience a dimension that will elevate you into the supernatural realm of unrelenting faith.


Hymn: My faith looks up to Thee – Ray Palmer (1830)

1. Wherever my faith is failing, Father, please help my unbelief.


1. Father, don’t allow me to be wiped off prematurely from the living. Please, show me mercy.

2. Father, situations within and around my life are overwhelming. Please rescue me!

3. Spend time praying in the Holy Ghost. Heaven is opening for your sake.


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