Genesis 8:1-22 (1) – And God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the cattle that was with him in the ark: and God made a wind to pass over the earth, and the waters assuaged; (KJV)

God is the master of time and seasons. He decides where, how and when to bless a man according to His purpose (Daniel 2:21, Ecclesiastes 3:11). When a man’s time of remembrance clocks, there will be a supernatural performance. We see an excellent example in our Bible reading where after the earth was destroyed with water, God remembered Noah and made the wind pass over. The water stopped, and Noah (and his family) began a new life. I decree! This weekend, the Lord shall give you a fresh breeze of life, health and wealth, in Jesus’ name.

When God remembers you, it won’t matter if people had forsaken you; He will make way for you against all odds. In Genesis 40:23, after Joseph had interpreted the butler’s dream, which led to his release from jail, the man forgot Joseph completely. But, when God remembered Joseph, He created a problem that could only be solved by him (Chapter 41). Through this, the foreigner became a prime minister in Egypt. This October, Heaven shall trigger a scene that will globally announce you and your business in Jesus’ name.

Beloved, do you need God to remember you today? If you can apply what Noah and Joseph did to please God, you and your household shall also be remembered. Noah was a righteous man who had unwavering faith and godly fear to build an ark when God warned him about a flood he had not yet seen (Hebrews 11:7). Joseph was also diligent and feared the Lord. As you honour God with your lifestyle, faith and ceaseless prayers, Heaven shall hearken unto you, and protocols shall break for your sake (Psalms 50:15; 138:8).


Song: Remember Me, Oh Lord!

1. Father, I need urgent help. Please, remember me today lest I be put to shame.

2. Father, please relocate me from the slum of life to where help will find me!


1. Father! Do a “Notable Miracle” in my life even before this weekend is over.

2. Lord Jesus! Silence every aggression of the wicked over my life, family, nation and the Church.

3. Father, silence any glory silencers implanted in the journey of my life.


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