Luke 6:12 – One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God. (NIV)

After holiness (Hebrews 12:14), prayer is the next essential requirement for all Christians (Luke 18:1-8). Praying at midnight, in particular, is one of the secrets to drawing spiritual strength. At this time of the day, the body immune system is at its lowest, and the enemies devise their plans; so we must be watchful (Psalms 91:5). For example, it was at night that the King of Syria sought to capture Elisha. But thank God Elisha was a man of power (2 Kings 6:8-23).

Do you know that the Oxford Dictionary describes the midnight as “The Witching Hour”? Therefore, we cannot afford to be complacent; instead, we ought to be vigilant in prayers, to counter every evil force with fire for fire! (Mark 13:33). Besides, if our Lord Jesus could seclude himself to pray all night as seen in our Bible reading, who then are we not to intercede at midnight?

Beloved, do you want to attain anything tangible in the spirit realm? You’d better made significant use of your night-time to gain grounds against environmental powers. Similarly, if you need deliverance, remember that Paul and Silas prayed at midnight and got their freedom (Acts 16:25-28). King David also knew the importance of praying at night when he praised God for His justness (Psalms 119:62). Therefore, make it a point of duty to wake up in the dark hours and pray consistently, you will get stronger!


Hymn: Sweet Hour of Prayer – William W. Walford (1845)

1. Father, please refill my spiritual tank.

2. Lord Jesus, grant me supernatural grace for prayer and open heavens.


1. Lord, I thank you that I am alive and active.

2. Father, empower me to always be on fire so much that I would be praying in my sleep.

3. My Father! Deliver me from discouragements, and give me the power of faith and intercession.


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