Psalms 46:1
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. (KJV)

The first time a friend went for water and salt bath therapy, he was gripped with fear, especially when entering the floating tank. The tank had a pool of water and a handle made of steel. But the gentleman could not fathom how the little handle could give stability when necessary. He eventually made use of the handle and discovered that it was not only there to provide balance for him but was also therapeutically vital to the body.

This experience gives a hint of what often happens with human trust in God. Due to the issues of life and other limitations, some people undermine the position of God and His ability to provide security. People focus on their physical situations and overlook the divine presence of what could help them. Like the steel handle, God is always present to support, and David testified to this in our Bible reading. If my friend had refused to use the handle or the entire floating tank, he would have lost the benefit of the therapy.

Beloved, know that Satan will purposely magnify fear above the faith available in Christ. Fear blindfolds people from ascending the ladder of possibility in God. God’s package is all-inclusive; it cleanses and gives exclusive therapy for all circumstances. Therefore, don’t allow fear and worry to rob you of enjoying God. Be bold and sensitive to the Holy Spirit.


Song: You Are Always There to Help — Dr Paul Enenche (2017)

1. Father, thank You for being there to assist me in my journey through life.

2. Holy Spirit, open my eyes to see God as He stretches out His arms towards me.


1. Holy Spirit, show me my portion in power and help me pray without ceasing.

2. Father, please raise help for me in the wilderness of life (mention)

3. Spend quality time praying in the Holy Ghost. You will receive strength!


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