Hebrews 8:1-13 (12)
For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.” (NIV)

A young man saw his primary school teacher at a ceremony. He greeted him with respect and said: “Back then, I stole my classmate’s wrist watch, he reported to you and you ordered all students to stand on a straight line, facing the wall with our eyes closed so you could check our pockets. I became afraid of the outcome—the shame I will face after other students discover that I stole the watch, my teachers’ opinion about me, the thought of being named a ‘thief’ and my parent’s reaction. These thoughts were flowing across my mind, when suddenly it was my turn to be searched. I felt your hand slipped into my pocket and you brought out the watch.”

“I was gripped with fear, expecting the worse to be announced. I was surprised I didn’t hear anything, but you continued checking other students’ pockets. When the search was over, I thought you will call me out soon after everyone was seated. But to my amazement, you showed the watch to the class, gave it to the owner and didn’t mentioned the name of the one who stole the watch. Throughout my stay in school, no teacher or student knew what happened. This incident taught me never to take whatever wasn’t mine. Thank you for saving my dignity. Do you remember the story, Sir?” The teacher replied, “I clearly remember the story that I found the watch in a pocket but I did not know in whose pocket because I searched your pockets while I also had my eyes closed.”

The young man’s experience is likened to God’s response to man’s vulnerability. God is a loving Father, who is not focused on disgracing anyone, but only desire that we return to eternal hope and life. Every human is birthed in sin, and for this reason did Christ come to redeem humanity from destruction. Therefore, regardless of the height of your atrocities—murder, theft, immorality, pride, gossip and condemnation, if you repent, you shall be saved from your sin and guilt (2 Corinthians 5:17). As recorded in our Bible reading, when you accept Jesus, you enter into a new covenant whereby your past is disremembered just as the teacher never shamed the student. If fact, the man purposely closed his eyes when carrying out the search. This is the love of the Father—embrace God’s stretched out hands and live! (Revelation 3:20).


Hymn: Jesus Saves – Priscilla J. Owens (1882)

  1. Lord Jesus, I renounce my old ways (confess your sins). Please, pardon me and walk with me, lest I fall astray.
  2. Lord, help me to know that I am loved by You and free from the consequences of sin.


  1. Any poisonous object injected into my body in the physical, dream or spiritual, be flushed out.
  2. Blood of Jesus circulate in my body, soul and spirit.
  3. Father, please save the perishing individuals, family, nations and the Church from unholy end-time strategies.

Story Credit: Amarachi Favor

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