Psalm 119:66 – Teach me good discernment and knowledge, For I believe in Your commandments. (NASB)

Read: 2 Samuel 9

A farmer had a horse and a goat. The horse became ill and was taken to a veterinarian, who said, “The horse has a virus. She must take this medicine for three days, and if she’s not better, we’ll have to let her die to stop the virus from spreading to other animals.” Standing close was the goat, who quickly went to tell the horse, “Be strong, or else you will be left to die!” The second day, the goat said, “Come on, friend, get up, or else you die!” On the third day, the vet said, “Unfortunately, the horse has to die tomorrow.”

The goat immediately ran to tell the horse again, “Listen, it’s now or never. Have courage! Arise, 1, 2, 3…, good. Now! Faster…, fantastic! Run, run more! Yes! You did it!” Suddenly, the owner, who saw the horse running, shouted, “It’s a miracle! My horse is back. We must have a party.” He then ordered his servant to kill the goat for the celebration. Such is life! This also happened to Ziba, who recommended Mephibosheth to David, after which he was ordered with his sons and servants to serve Mephibosheth forever! (2 Samuel 9).

Beloved, many times you have helped someone, and it turned out that you got hurt in the end. Never mind; that’s the nature of humans: to use people to achieve their goals and turn against them. Help is good, but some assistance rendered may be a pathway to destruction. This is why it is important to be discerning, as seen in our Bible reading. There are cases where a lady brought her homeless friend home, only for her to snatch the husband, who eventually sent the wife packing. You will never be a scapegoat, in the name of Jesus. But be vigilant and prayerful!


Song: Open the Eyes of My Heart – Paul Baloche (1997)

1. Father, I don’t want to be a scapegoat. Please open my eyes to discern!


1. I decree that the help I render won’t turn against me!

2. Cancel every tragedy and sorrow as you spend time praying in the Holy Ghost.

3. Father, release all that is in my heart for good into my hands.


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