Psalms 20:3 – May he remember all your sacrifices and accept your burnt offerings. (NIV)

Nothing comes for free, including bringing God to the remembrance of us. There are things to be done to hasten God’s promises for our lives. Therefore, with a few examples in the Scriptures, we shall look at “What we can do, to get divine attention”.

1. King Solomon – a generous giver who gave 1,000 burnt offerings in a day so that the Lord gave him a blank cheque (2 Chronicles 1:1-12).

2. Abraham – unknowing to him, he entertained three angels, which triggered the birth of his son (Genesis 18). After he had Isaac at 100, Abraham surrendered him as a sacrifice to God (Genesis 22:1-18) just because he knew what it meant to move God through faith and obedience (Romans 4:16). No wonder God fulfilled His covenant with him (Genesis 17:1-10).

3. Hannah – paid the price on the altar of prayer and faith (1 Samuel 1-2).

4. Joseph – he pleased God, especially when he refused the immoral advances of his master’s wife, and God caused him to be remembered (Genesis 39).

5. The Poor Widow – gave all she had despite her poverty, and she was divinely recognised (Mark 12:41-44).

Beloved, all the above people did something, in particular, to draw heaven’s attention. In the same manner, what price you are willing or paying (sacrifices) to be divinely remembered? Because when you are devoted to God in pleasing Him, as seen in our Bible reading, He shall accept your offerings. Therefore, you automatically qualify for an unstoppable flow of blessings. So, engage in the Kingdom service, and God bless you!


Hymn: Showers of Blessing – Daniel W. Whittle (1883)

1. Father, please remember my prayers and grant me the grace to sacrifice my all for You.


1. My glory! What are you doing in the valley of shame and death? Arise and shine!

2. Father, turn the food of my relentless attackers to stones and their power to water, in Jesus’ name.

3. Talk to God on those matters— He hears!


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