Luke 17:11-19 (15) – One of them, when he saw that he was healed, came back to Jesus, shouting, “Praise God!” (NLT)

A teacher told her pre-kindergarten class to draw a picture of anything they are grateful for. It is expected that the kids would draw toys and their favourite food. But a boy drew a hand! The class’ attention shifted to the student as they guessed whose hand it might be. Many said, “It must be the hand of God which provides food for us”, while others said, “It could be the boy’s hand”. The teacher finally asked the child, whose hand he had drawn, and the boy whispered, “It’s yours, teacher. You always held my hands and supported me in my daily learning.” (Culled from Reader’s Digest)

While others focused on the goodies, the boy thought deeply to appreciate the little ways the teacher had been helpful to all the students. What a heart of appreciation! Gratitude must not be what we do only when we experience miracles or receive blessings. Instead, thankfulness should be a permanent function of the mind (Psalms 34:1). Examining the actions of the ten lepers in our Bible reading, just one returned to give thanks to Jesus because he knew what it takes to be among the few to enjoy grace and healing.

Beloved, what are you doing with the grace of God that you benefit? Are you only captivated by the flashy things and forgetting those tiny but vital blessings in your life? Things like breathing, the ability to hunger, thirst and use the toilet, among others, are God’s doing. Never take them for granted. Like the kindergarten boy, be thankful to God and celebrate those who are helpful in the journey of your destiny. The more you are grateful for the minor things, the more you receive from the Lord.


Hymn: Count Your Blessings – Johnson Oatman (1897)

1. Reflect and praise God wholeheartedly.


1. I refuse to embark on a project or journey of no return!

2. Glory and favour of God! Envelope and overshadow my life, family, nation, and the Church.

3. Every boundary set by my ancestry, limiting my star and destiny, break!


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