Daniel 4:2
“I want you all to know about the miraculous signs and wonders the Most High God has performed for me. (NLT)

‘Last year, I had some issues with my Masters’ degree supervisor, and things were very rough. She made me miss the presentation in October, which dented my hope of progression. I applied for a change of supervisor but, I did not get any reply from the school. This year, instead of getting a letter to continue with the second phase, the school rejected my proposal and advised that I write an appeal letter (which should be responded to within 30 days).

I wrote the appeal in January and did not get any response again. Around April, my Dad advised me to send another email to the Head of Postgraduate Degrees, which I did. And I got a response that the appeal was already taken care of, yet I was not told the decision. I wondered because at this time the registration was closed and there was lock-down.

After a day, I got a response that my appeal was successful. As if that was not enough, the registration that closed since March was done for me by the school, so I never had to go through stress. Also, I won’t have to wait another year, but another problem arose (paying the fees). So, I was trying to work while praying. To my amazement, my new supervisor paid my school fees, and now; I am fully settled. I give glory to God!’

— Bro. Emmanuel (South Africa)

Beloved, God is a specialist in doing wonders as testified by our brother and Daniel in today’s Bible reading. Therefore, I am trusting God that all you need for your joy to be full, you shall receive, in Jesus’ name. Be Born Again!


  1. Thank God for this testimony.
  2. Father, please do for me, what no man can do!

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