Job 8:7 – And though you started with little, you will end with much. (NLT)

Are you that fellow that thinks his or her foundation is too poor to make anything out of it? I have good news for you: ‘Don’t allow your past or current situations to bury your potentials. What is coming is greater than what is gone.’ Because the Bible reading of today confirms that with God, how you start does not matter as your ending. In other words, starting small and finishing in plenteous is not out of place with God.

We can learn from Joseph’s experience in the Book of Genesis because his upbringing was full of hatred. But he never allowed his background to mess up his destiny. No wonder he became a Prime Minister in the strange land of Egypt. Similarly, Mephibosheth, who was restricted to Lo-debar due to his condition, eventually lived the latter part of his life at the king’s palace (2 Samuel 9).

Beloved, if there is anything to grasp this morning, it is that you must refuse to look back at your little beginning and instead; concentrate, work hard and encourage yourself with the glory ahead (Jeremiah 29:11-13). Remember, the Bill Gates’ of this world all started from scratch, and even our Lord Jesus was born in a manger, but today, He is the Saviour of all creation. Therefore, be optimistic and rest assured that there is a God who can propel a man to the top irrespective of his history (1 Samuel 2:8). Cry out to Him; He shall help you fulfil your dreams.


Hymn: Leaning on the Everlasting Arms – Elisha A. Hoffman (1887)

I….. (Name) move from the state of nonentity, failure, shame, singleness and poverty to limelight (Mention). If Joseph could make it, then watch out for me! For, with God on my side, nothing shall stop my shine. So help me, Lord!


1. Father, this April, please move me from the low estate to the mountain top.

2. Lord, in my weakness, please let Your grace be sufficient for me.

3. Father, deliver me from every activity that will wreck Your plan and glory in my life.

4. Father, raise God-fearing giants in our homes, communities, nations and the Church.


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