2 Kings 5:1-19 (1) – So he went down and dipped himself in the Jordan seven times, as the man of God had told him, and his flesh was restored and became clean like that of a young boy. (NIV)

The boy was the overall best in class, but he failed the promotion exams. Note that the BUT suggested an entirely opposing fact to the student’s initial attributes. This was similar to the case of Naaman, the commander of the army, who had significant achievements and used by God to deliver his nation. However, he had leprosy, which was a stain to his wealth of honour. Going to our Bible reading, Naaman obeyed Elisha’s instructions to dip himself in River Jordan seven times, and his flesh became clean like that of a young boy.

Beloved, do you know that many destinies have been wasted due to the BUT in their lives? Because the BUT in a fellow’s life is an evil trademark programmed to bring shame and a premature end to their existing testimony. Have you identified the BUT in your life, marriage, career and ministry? Maybe you are a minister or someone God had used to pray for people, but you still battle with similar reproach. Are you that person whom the world has been mocking because they can see your weak point? Do not worry! I have good news for you. The God who cleansed Naaman is right there with you — as you pray to Him today, anything that is robbing you of your joy and peace shall expire, in Jesus’ name.


Hymn: Jesus Saves — Priscilla J. Owens (1882)

1. Every reproach of my life (mention) limiting my complete breakthrough, I wash you off by the blood of Jesus!

2. I decree: affliction shall never rise again in my life and family.


1. Lord Jesus, You are the glory and the lifter of my head. Please, elevate me till I become greater than nations.

2. Father, turn my story and groaning to glory.

3. Arrows of affliction fired into my life, backfire!

4. My divine portion shall not be given to another. I possess my possession!


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