Numbers 13:30-33 (30) – Caleb interrupted, called for silence before Moses and said, “Let’s go up and take the land—now. We can do it.” (MSG)

Sometimes, people view their challenges as insurmountable mountains, which blinds them from seeing the picture of where God is taking them. This was Israel’s experience when God told Moses to send some men to explore Canaan. After forty days, the men who spied on the land explained that though the land flows with milk and honey, the citizens there are giants, and they cannot withstand them.

When God speaks, you can be sure that it is settled. Before God gave Moses the instructions, He had already given Israel the land of Canaan. The people only needed to emulate Caleb to possess the city. As seen in our Bible reading, by faith, Caleb saw the positives when others were self-defeated.

Beloved, to activate God’s promises for your life, you need to walk by faith and not by sight. Faith gives divine confidence, but the absence of faith means that you depend on yourself or your physical infrastructure. The reason you fear the future or have failed to take delivery of God’s promise for your life might be that you are making estimations based on your own abilities. 1 Samuel 2:9 says that by strength no man shall prevail. Until you hand yourself over to God and take the land of your healing, open doors, and prosperity by faith, you may continue to drown in your fears.


Hymn: My Faith Looks Up to Thee — Ray Palmer (1830)

1. Father, in my current situation, help me trust in You (tell all to God).


1. Irrespective of what I am going through, I choose joy. I see greater glory and new heights! (Prophesy)

2. My dream life! Receive the baptism of fire and be transformed from a satanic battleground to a source of divine revelation.

3. Father, please give me the grace, wisdom, understanding, and discipline to nurture my relationship with You and man.


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