Psalms 139:23-24 (23) – Examine me, O God, and know my mind; test me, and discover my thoughts. (GNT)

“When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ When it arrives, it finds the house swept clean and put in order. Then it goes and takes seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first.” (Luke 11:24-26)

Jesus spoke the above words to explain that a person is either possessed by God or Satan. Anyone who accepts Christ receives the Holy Spirit. But when the person begins to live in sin, the manifestation of the Holy Spirit is silenced, and it gives way to contrary spirits. 1 Samuel 15 & 16 shows the example of Saul when he was possessed by an evil spirit after he was rejected by God. There is no room for emptiness; it is either God or the devil.

The common mistake of modern Christians is that they do not examine themselves often enough to see if they are in alignment with God. This was why David prayed the prayer we have in today’s Bible reading. David knew that there must be a time for testing the inner mind because it is possible to tread on the wrong path thinking it is God’s will. Someone could desire a thing, yet God might be saying otherwise. A person can be led by emotions in making marital choices, but it may not be what God wants. Beloved, check if your lifestyle and decisions are channelled by God. If not, repent and ask the Holy Spirit to repossess you.


Hymn: Into My Heart — Harry D. Clarke (1924)

1. Father, help me amend my ways and keep me in the way everlasting.


1. Father, open up my inner man and myself to know my spiritual condition!

2. Father, shine Your light upon my soul, nation, and the church.

3. Strange powers, poisoning my identity, dream, and glory, expire!


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