Acts 16:6-15 (9) – That night Paul had a vision: A man from Macedonia in northern Greece was standing there, pleading with him, “Come over to Macedonia and help us!” (NLT)

In today’s Bible text, Paul and Silas intend to preach in the provinces of Asia and Bithynia, but the Holy Spirit prevented them from entering the regions. At night, Paul had a vision of a man who begged him to visit the nation of Macedonia to help the people. With this conviction, Paul and Silas immediately left for Macedonia.

Paul and Silas wanted to preach the gospel, but they still needed to be led by God. If they had followed their instincts to go to their preferred regions, they wouldn’t have met Lydia and her family in Macedonia, not to mention saving their souls and baptising them.

Paul and Silas’ subjection to the Holy Spirit is contrary to what the world practises today. People make predictions based on past events, but history might not apply to God’s purpose for every occasion. Because something is morally right does not mean it is spiritually sustainable. Therefore, at the crossroads of making decisions about your life, marriage, career, or ministry, seek direction and rely on God to inspire you. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and act on His guidance, because God may be calling you to Macedonia rather than Asia or Bithynia. It will always be well with you!


Hymn: He leadeth me – Joseph H. Gilmore (1862)

1. Holy Spirit, please speak to me and direct my path (Tarry in God’s presence)


1. Any power that wants me to drown in the river of shame, sicknesses and oppression. Drown yourself!

2. Father, I believe and declare that “You are forever my God”. Please uplift me from the dungeon of life!

3. Destiny manipulation going on against me. Enough is enough! Cease now by the power in the blood of Jesus.

4. Power for genuine revival and salvation. Enter my home, family, the church and nations.


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