James 4:7 – Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. (KJV)

Satan is the mastermind of all kinds of evil and hatred. He is the chief enemy who disguises and prompts a person to attack others in order to frustrate God’s plan for their lives. However, as seen in today’s Bible reading, submitting to God gives the power to chase out the devil and disgrace his agents.

A man lived under satanic oppression for many years until he prayed targeted prayers, and his eyes were opened. In a trance, he saw himself clothed in rags with a thick rope tied around his waist by which the enemy tossed his life around. Consequently, the man prayed counter-attacking prayers, and God opened his eyes yet again. This time, he was beating and dragging the enemy with a stronger rope till he surrendered and fled.

Beloved, in a world where there is attack at work, schools, and even in the family, putting confidence in God builds the defence against any enemy. The surest way to submit to God is to eat His Word, obey His command, and pray fervently. This enables the Holy Spirit to easily communicate and expose the secret agenda of the wicked. Right now, you will pray your way into freedom from oppression and the enemy shall flee, never to return, in Jesus’ name.


Hymn: Look and Live – William A. Ogden (1887)

1. Father, show me the source of the oppressors and empower me to prevail through prayer.

2. Any power, pursuing me during the day, night, and in my dreams, expire by fire!


1. Deliver me, oh Lord, from all satanic oppression (mention).

2. Angry wolves, surrounding my life and destiny. I chase you out by fire!

3. Every enemy pretending to be a friend, be exposed.

4. Any power vowing that over their dead bodies will I excel in life. So shall it be!

5. Father, disgrace the relentless enemies of my life, family, nation, and the church.


(Day 3 of the RCCG Convention (Golden Jubilee). Watch via (Youtube/rccglive).

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