Philippians 4:19 (13) – I can do all things through him who strengthens me. (NIV)

One of the greatest enemies of growth is the lack of self-improvement. When John wrote that his earnest wish for us is that we prosper and be healthy, including in spirit (3 John 2), he was also referring to personal development. This is because, without individual efforts, we cannot become who God wants us to be.

There was a farmer who bought a new cutlass for a lucrative cocoa project. On the first day, he culled 5,000 cocoas (Double the daily target), and the investor gave him a bonus. This motivated the man to work harder; however, the next day, he only did 3,000. The third day, he laboured even more, and all he could extract were 1,000 cocoas. Gradually, the figures dropped. “I don’t understand the issue. I think I’m losing strength”, said the farmer. But the investor asked him, “When last did you sharpen your cutlass?”. “Sharpen? I had no time for that. I was too busy trying to meet my targets”, replied the farmer!

Beloved, have you thought of constantly improving yourself (skills) for more efficiency in career, school, or ministry? (2 Timothy 1:6; 2:15). When last did you spend quality moments with God and your family? (Genesis 2:24). Perhaps you were engaged in less valuable things! Dear minister of God, when was the last time you had a personal retreat? (Jeremiah 31:25). Think about these, because we must sharpen our tools and skills for maximum and regularly impact. Work smartly and seize every opportunity to increase your capacity because we can do all things through Christ, as confirmed by our Bible reading.

“God has deposited in us all we need to succeed. We have the Holy Spirit and the brain. So, sharp up and shape up!”


Hymn: Work, for the Night Is Coming — Anna L. Coghill (1854)

1. Spend quality time to reflect on areas you need to improve and pray for the strength and resources.


1. I don’t want to be like a basket used in fetching water. Father:

A. Help me identify my weakness, never to labour in vain.

B. Give me the means to upgrade myself spiritually, physically, and mentally.

2. Holy Spirit, possess me afresh with the clarity of purpose in my journey of destiny.


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