Genesis 3:8a – And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: (KJV)

Today’s Bible reading gives us an understanding that the essence of human creation is for divine communion because God came down seeking to communicate with Adam and Eve. In the same way, prayer provides the platform for intimacy with God, as it enables us to table our requests and patiently wait for a response through the Holy Spirit. When we pray, let us make room for stillness. God speaks to His children.

Prayer is compulsory and has several implications when we fail to pray. A prayerless Christian is likened to a toothless lion that can be tamed at any time (1 Peter 5:8). Some people also take prayer as a transaction or bribery for God to do what they want, and not what He desires. The truth is that prayer is not transactional, but relational. It is more about fellowship with God and discerning His will. Every Christian must feed on prayer to remain in God’s inner circle.

Beloved, I encourage you to stay active in your prayer communion with God. Jesus went into a secret place to pray, so you too can have a place for intercession in your heart and physically (Matthew 26:36). Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and avoid distractions, because God recognises your altar of prayer!


Hymn: Sweet Hour of Prayer – William W. Walford (1845)

1. Father, deliver me from complacency and equip me to pray without ceasing.


1. Father, please pour fresh oil upon my altar of fire and give me coals to keep it burning.

2. Holy Spirit, save me from the sweetness of sin and set me apart for righteous living.

3. Father, let the prayers of every family and the church open doors to divine secrets.


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