Good evening, people of God. I trust that you had a great day praying and waiting on the Lord. The Lord is your strength!

I decree by the authority in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, you shall see the result of prayers.

You will no longer be on the satanic list of waiting. Your waiting is over and your breakthrough season has begun.

Whether you believe it or not, you have crossed over into the season of your victory.

Your cup shall run over with blessings.

You are more than a conqueror!

Your identity in Christ is revived and cannot be stolen any longer.

Christ, who is the hope of glory, shall be made manifest in you now and always.

I speak to every storm in your life, cease by the thunder of God.

Someone is moving from the phase of irrelevance to Kingship.

Honour is your portion! This is our month of OUTSTANDING HONOUR, therefore, in line with the Easter celebration, your honour is restored!

I decree healing to every sick heart and body. Any arrow shot into your heart is returning to sender!

Go to the medics and do a check-up, your breathing is now normal.

Your blood pressure is normal.

Anyone battling any blood issue, receive your healing now!

The sickness is gone! Stroke, gone!

Every complicated condition in the blood and body, clear away by the blood of Jesus Christ.

You are redeemed by the blood of the lamb.

Asthma, go, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Anyone appointed unto death this month or year, receive life in abundance.

That your marriage will hold and shall stand.

You will never suffer any defeat and affliction anymore!

The mercy and glory of God shall be seen all over you wherever you go.

Oh! For your shame, you are receiving multiple blessings.

Favour beyond human comprehension is coming upon you right now.

Enter into the realm of the ‘knowing’.

You will no longer be cheated by the devil.

Before things occur, you will know! Your spiritual antenna shall be receptive and sharpened.

Any force or personality that hates your laughter shall be buried in disappointment.

There is someone reading this, before now, you suffered what can be called “Double Defeat or Loss”. Tonight, God is restoring your losses tenfold.

More than you can carry, God shall deposit in your bank of blessings.

Very soon, you will look back and shed tears of joy.

Though today you have nothing tangible in your account or possession, by this time tomorrow, next week, next month and before year-end, you shall have too much to spare.

God bless you big!

Every spiritual virtue that has gone out of you shall be replaced in multiples.

You will begin to heal the sick, raise the dead and set captives free!

Your vision is now clearer and sharper!

Even if things are happening in the bedroom of evil planners, you will begin to see them as Elisha saw.

The devil will no longer cheat you. God shall open your eyes of understanding and grant you ceaseless wisdom!

I hear that someone needs “boldness”, receive it NOW!

Boldness to make a bold step, receive, by the power of the Holy Spirit!

You are blessed beyond measure!

When you appear, levels shall change for good.

You may have been sidelined in the journey of destiny, but from tonight, you are now a champion!

Keep winning! Your throne is preserved and you shall reign forever in Christ Jesus.

Glory be to God. Receive speedy manifestation of all these decrees!

Nothing good shall be missing in your life.


Declare: I receive all that is mine in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

(Please be reminded that there is no fasting tomorrow except you want to carry on. Some people may be continuing. But we shall resume for the final day on Monday).

God bless you and keep basking on your Christ-powered throne. Shalom!