Colossians 4:17B – “Be sure to do the work the Lord gave you.” (ERV)

Read: Colossians 4:1-18

Colossians 4 offers an insight into the life and doggedness of Apostle Paul. This man was in prison, yet he encouraged the people of God through letters and coveted their prayers. He said in verse 3, “Pray that we can continue to tell people the secret truth that God has made known about Christ.” What a man he was! Paul’s life shows that challenges or persecution should never be a limiting factor in proclaiming Jesus. Instead, the experience should motivate every Christian to do more and mobilise others who will continually intercede for the prosperity of the gospel.

Paul did another significant thing by being able to send men physically to places he could not reach while in prison. This was because he mentored people who became passionate like him. Tychicus and Onesimus were examples of faithful stewards who made the ministry easy for the apostle. Among others, Paul referred to Epaphras, an intercessor who constantly prayed for the people to be spiritually mature. Nympha was also acknowledged for opening her doors to the Church to regularly worship.

Beloved, the testimony of Paul and the stewards in today’s Bible reading is a great encouragement for the body of Christ in these times. Leaders must be sold out to their assignments and be worthy mentors who can still beckon their mentees to carry on the tasks even when the storm rages. On the other hand, every child of God should aspire to know their calling and be loyal to do the work, as Epaphras persisted in prayer despite being in prison. I pray that the Lord will grant you an understanding of His will for you and encourage those in need of succour to press on in ministry. God bless you!


Hymn: As A Volunteer — W. S. Brown (1907)

1. Spend quality time praying as led by the Spirit of God.


1. I challenge my body, my soul, and my dream life with the blood of Jesus and the fire of God.

2. Spirit spouses and children, sponsoring dream attacks against my life, marriage, and fruitfulness. Go into extinction!

3. Father, put an end to dream manipulation in my life.


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