Job 8:7 – And though you started with little, you will end with much. (NLT)

A few decades ago, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos must have observed John D. Rockefeller and the Rothschild family. Donald Trump and Barak Obama would also have admired Bill Clinton and George Bush those days when they were American presidents. Similarly, Pastor E. A. Adeboye and Joyce Meyer might have craved for the anointing of Benson Idahosa and Billy Graham just as Elisha received the double portion of Elijah’s mantle (2 Kings 2:9-14).

Beloved, these people invested in their tomorrow because they had the understanding that ‘life is a process and that they must pay the price for excellence’. For example, Joseph was diligent in all his ways so that God promoted him in a strange land (Genesis 41:41-46). In the same way, we must work hard to succeed and fill the vacuum of the legends we see today. Perhaps, you are discouraged by your background or low status? Don’t panic, but trust in God— He shall promote you! (Psalms 3:3)

Finally, know it that, the letter ‘O’ which stands for Opportunity, is absent in ‘Yesterday’ but present in ‘tOday’, and appears thrice in ‘tOmOrrOw’. Therefore, ‘seize every opportunity and stay positive while you work your way up’. As seen in our Bible reading, your future shall be more significant than your past. Be Born Again, believe in yourself, and never give up!


Hymn: Work, for the Night, is Coming – Anna L. Coghill (1854)

1. Father, help me to pay the price for success, and let my tomorrow be glorious than my today.

2. Father, please arise for me so I do not to fall away from Your grace.


1. Lord, terminate any ancestral and evil checkers of my progress and glory.

2. Wisdom of God, overshadow my family, nation, the church and me.

3. Holy Ghost, remove every obstacle and habits capable of destroying my path in destiny.

4. I decree that I shall not weep over my children!

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