Matthew 26:36-46 (40) – Then he returned to his disciples and found them sleeping. “Couldn’t you men keep watch with me for one hour?” (NIV)

Read: Revelation 3:15-17

A relationship is an essential part of human life, and consistent communication keeps the relationship healthy. The healthier a relationship is, the more attention is needed to maintain it.

There was a lady who had four plants that she nurtured at home; two of these plants had colourful flowers, while the others did not. The ones with flowers usually needed more water at least twice a week, and the others could go for weeks without a touch of water. At one point, the lady was busy and did not have time to put water on the flowery ones; consequently, the plants began to shrink until they dried up. This is what happens to any form of relationship that is not maintained, whether spiritual or physical.

Many times, people are too engaged to communicate with God. They neglect prayer because of the issues of life; they are occupied at work and return home tired. This has become a cycle, which means that these people do not have time to maintain a stable connection with the Holy Spirit. As a result, spiritual malnutrition occurs, and they become disconnected from divine purpose. It is my prayer that anyone reading this devotional today will not be cut off from God, in Jesus’ name!

Beloved, Christ showed the importance of prayer when He asked His disciples in our Bible reading, “Couldn’t you men keep watch with me for one hour?” In other words, to maintain a strong spiritual relationship, a child of God ought to pray for a minimum of an hour, daily! If possible, go back to the basics, pray fervently, and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. You will have a steady relationship with God.


Hymn: Christian, seek not yet repose – Charlotte Elliott (1836)

1. Ask God for mercy on past negligence and the grace to manage your time to communicate with the Father regularly.


1. Holy Spirit, please give me the wisdom to inspire and direct my family and generation to greatness.

2. Father, may my body and all that is in it carry Your presence.

3. Let us intercede for anyone diagnosed with terminal illnesses, praying that God will heal them completely.


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