John 16:23-24 (24) – Until now you have asked nothing in My name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full. (NKJV)

We sometimes limit ourselves when we think our challenges are too big, so, we pray for smaller things. But that was not the case for Elisha— when his master was to leave, he asked for the double portion of his power (2 Kings 2:1-18). Note: in verse 10, Elijah said, ‘Thou hast asked a hard thing’. He then gave a condition, which was met by Elisha so that he got the double portion anointing. Today! As you will ask for those hard things, you shall receive multiple portions, in Jesus’ name.

In 2 Chronicles 1:1-12, Solomon asked for a great asset, and God granted his request. He became the wisest man that ever lived (1 Kings 4:29-34). What about Jabez whose destiny was manipulated at birth? After he prayed, my Father changed his story (1 Chronicles 4:9-10). That is why I am confident that as many of us desire a turnaround, as the Lord lives; before 2020 ends, you shall be amazed by how God will elevate you, in Jesus’ name.

Beloved, our God is fast and vast. There is no limit to when and what He can do (Psalm 135:6). Therefore, as seen in our Bible reading, ask for those impossible things right now in prayers. Except you are not of God, He will answer every prayer (1 John 3:9-10). Accept Christ Today!


Hymn: He will Answer every Prayer — Mary Bernstecher (1914)

1. Thank God for the past and what He is set to do.

2. Blank Cheque: Ask, until thy joy is full.


1. Spirit of limitation, operating in my life, family, nation and the church; get out!

2. Father, please change my struggles to glorious gains.

3. This week! I shall receive a miracle call, and people shall congratulate me on my new job, healing, financial breakthrough (Decree).


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