Psalms 37:4
Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. (NIV)

Praise God. I have a testimony to share with you, to the glory of God. A company called me and asked me to come in the following day to sign a new contract with a salary that is significantly higher than what I am currently earning. God is too faithful to fail. Hallelujah!

– Bro. Tolu D. (Nigeria)

I have been stuck in life, especially career-wise. As a sales manager, the bosses refer to us as slaves because I didn’t finish my degree, so I’ve been poorly paid for years. This, among other things, contributed to my desperation. I searched the web (Google) for a prayer and was directed to your blog. So, I prayed the breakthrough prayers while seated at work, and God answered me. Within a week, I was called for an interview for a job that was beyond my qualifications, and the pay is double what I currently earn. Also, I have Saturdays off.

The surprising thing is that over the years, I have applied for several jobs and not even one responded, but I never applied for this particular one, and God did it so much that the senior manager who interviewed me also penned down my name for a two-year course while working for the company.

– Sis. Muchikolo V. (South Africa)


1. Thank God for these miracles and for the past testimonies in your life and family.

2. The arrows of demotion and stagnation operating in my life; dry up by fire!

3. Father, for the rest of my life, let Your presence go with me.

4. Father, in all my good endeavours, please make me a winner.

5. Father, trouble my troublers and grant me peace like a river!

6. Every agent of delay assigned to condemn me to the prison of life and shame, release me, and die!

7. Father, rearrange my life and my situation so that help can locate me.

8. Father, please make tomorrow’s Church service a time of refreshing encounter with You.


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