I trust that you had a blessed day praying.

As many have participated, I decree that the Almighty God shall answer your prayers.

The Almighty God to whom you have prayed shall honour even your slightest good desires.

As the theme is: He Reigns, we shall all reign over every adversity, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Nothing shall move you to cry anymore; instead, you shall shed tears of joy.

Embarrassment and shame shall never be your portion again, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Oppression shall be very far from you and your loved ones, in the mighty name of Jesus.

You shall begin to reign in former places of defeat.

Anyone with incurable sickness and diseases, be healed by the precious blood of Jesus.

The Lord shall heal you all round; you will no more be weak bodily and spiritually.

All you thought you will never be able to achieve in life and destiny, receive divine speed, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

I decree in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, the Lord shall reveal Himself to you.

On the day of your celebration, affliction shall not arise!

It shall be well with you in the morning, noon, afternoon, evening and at night.

The Almighty God shall settle you and your family early.

I decree to every marriageable single, receive your divine connection this April, in Jesus’ name.

I pray for someone this evening; the Lord has terminated every agreement of hell concerning your deliverance and promotion.

Your wall of Jericho is broken down!

Anyone with a blocked womb; receive divine turnaround for fruitfulness in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

I decree! What is meant to shorten your life shall instead elevate you to the top!

Those you need to meet for your business and ideas to go international, receive divine connection, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

I decree, tonight, the Lord shall anoint your feet for maximum direction!

You shall walk into your place of help and honour!

The day the road is bloody, you shall never be caught up!

The Holy Spirit shall inspire you greatly!

I decree to someone, your seed of greatness shall germinate; it shall never be cut off!

From tonight, you shall begin to dream dreams of greatness!

You shall no more suffer loss!

In your business, the Lord shall cause you to be profitable.

In your career, you shall be head and not the tail.

In your family, nothing important shall be done without your approval.

Move from shame to honour. Move from dryness to fruitfulness. Move from glory to higher glory!

Move from lack to abundance. Move from powerlessness to great revelation!

The Lord Almighty shall carry you in His mighty hands.

He shall fill you with the living water.

Your mouth shall be enlarged more than your enemies.

God shall show you your identity!

You will no more live the life of others because you shall discover your true potentials and the same for your children.

Every snake within and around your home shall be exposed and crushed.

Unfriendly friends, be exposed!

Above all, you shall rise over every limitation.

I decree you shall always succeed. Nothing shall stop your shine!
Your future shall be far GLORIOUS than your present.

Strangers shall favour your cause. The rich shall sponsor you, and nations shall buy into your visions.

You are the best. You are incredibly successful. Failure is no more your second name. You will laugh joyfully!

Behold, the daughter of Zion. Behold, thou man of valour.

For someone, even tonight, you shall experience angelic visitation.

You shall not miss your time and day of honour!

You have excelled.

In 365 days from today, how God will help you shall shock even yourself.

You will still feel like you are dreaming because it would be too big to believe.

Thank you, Jesus. Give Him praise and honour!

He shall fulfil all His word concerning you.

Congratulations in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Pray always on the decrees as they apply to you; the Lord shall perfect your testimonies.

Remember, for those participating in the retreat, there is no programme tomorrow because of Easter Sunday. Therefore, the last day is Easter Monday. God bless you!