Genesis 2:18-20 (19) – So the Lord God formed from the soil every kind of animal and bird, and brought them to the man to see what he would call them; and whatever he called them, that was their name. (TLB)

A person’s name is as important as the process of giving birth because the name is what gives the child an identity. Today’s Bible reading shows that God placed priority on identification when He brought all the creatures to Adam for naming. Philippians 2:9-11 also says that God gave Christ a name that is higher than every other name. Therefore, a name should reveal the divine purpose and peculiarity of an individual.

There are people, businesses, and nations that suffer as a result of their names. Many are named after the gods, rivers, animals, and evil occurrences that indirectly dictate their life experiences. During my years in college, there was a student who was known as the “class dullard.” One day, my eyes were opened to the cause of his problems (the student’s name meant “empty head”). This morning, I pray for you that any contrary names or nicknames working against you are dissolved by the blood of Jesus.

Beloved, your name should work for you and not against you. It is important to dig deep into your names to understand the meaning and motives behind them. This should be accompanied by revelatory prayers to hasten your deliverance and possibly change your name so that all will be well with you. Above all, we have a saviour whose name is a strong tower (Proverbs 18:10). The name is Jesus! If you run into it, you will be saved indeed.


Hymn: There Is Power in the Blood – Lewis E. Jones (1899)

1. Any names, given to me to control my destiny, I denounce you by the blood of Jesus!

2. Holy Spirit, show me the meaning of my name and identity in the spirit realm.


1. Thank God for life, a new day and the weekend.

2. Holy Spirit, reveal to me the secret of the problems in my life.

3. Every corruption in my foundation and destiny, cease now and be repaired.


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