1 Corinthians 16:13-(14) – Do everything in love. (NIV)

A lady moved into an apartment where an elderly woman lived as a neighbour. This woman hated the lady so much that she would secretly throw faeces into her backyard. This happened many times but one day, the woman had a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital. The lady was among the first to visit, and she didn’t go empty-handed. She went with fresh rose flowers.

The old woman was amazed and then apologised for the evils she did; confessing that she was responsible for the faeces found in her garden. The young lady then gave her the roses she brought, and the woman delightedly asked where she got them. ‘These beautiful roses came from the faeces you threw into my compound’, said the lady!

Beloved, when the world throws dirt(s) at you, don’t let it stick (Luke 23:34). When they play the drumbeat of war, you sing a tune of peace and forgiveness as seen in our Bible reading (Colossians 3:13). We must be like Jesus in our response to hate because there is a beautiful rose waiting to spring up, and when God is through with you, your life shall surprise the adversaries (Psalms 23:5). Stay your course. Don’t be moved but rest assured that love supersedes hate (Proverbs 16:7). And it shall be well with you. Be Born Again!


Hymn: I Want to Be like Jesus In My Heart.

1. Father, please forgive my sins of lying, envy, bitterness, backbiting and atrocities (mention).


1. Lord, uproot every seed of hatred and wickedness in my life.

2. Father, help my family, church, nation and I, to love one another as commanded.

3. I receive the grace to let go of every evil done against me. Father, help me to respond in love.


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