Proverbs 23:7A – For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. (NKJV)

Read: Proverbs 18:16; 22:29

An eaglet fell among the brood of chicks and grew with them. Months later, it felt so uncomfortable that it decided to peep at the mirror. At that moment, the young eagle spotted a clear difference between itself and other birds and started practising flying until it flew away. Beloved, just as the eaglet looked at the glass, your dreams serve as a reflector of what God wants you to be (originality). A person who lacks understanding of his divine purpose will experience blurred visions, while a fellow with spiritual insight and ideas will go places.

Have you any creative plans that seem too hard to achieve? If yes! Work towards them! If you have ideas but limited resources to build on them, God can make provision available to you when you pray. There are also people who need to deal with the inferiority and failure mentality. Today’s Bible reading shows clearly that your thoughts can shape your destiny. If the eaglet in our story had not discovered who it was, it would have died as a chicken. In the same way, if you do not realise your potential and nurture it, it will die. Be bold! Know that God has created you for a good purpose that must be fulfilled.

In conclusion, as you fulfil your destiny, what you see in the mirror should not be yourself but a vision of fulfilled dreams. Regardless of where you are today, remember that you are a work in progress. Keep praying and working hard; your glory will speak.


Hymn: Higher Ground — Johnson Oatman, Jr. (1898)

1. Thank God for the gift of life, insight, and hope in Christ.

2. Holy Ghost! Destroy the ‘average and failure mentality’ running in my bloodline.

3. Father, You are the dream fulfiller; please help me accomplish my dreams (mention).


1. Father, please put an end to every dream manipulation in my life.

2. Any power that wants me to go back to level zero and die as a nonentity, scatter by fire!

3. Every embargo hindering me from soaring, break!


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