Jeremiah 1:5 – “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” (NIV)

God made all things for a purpose. Even the devil was created for a good cause before he fell through pride. Therefore, as seen in today’s Bible reading, God formed man and knew us even before our birth. However, we must understand the purpose of our existence. Continuing from where we stopped yesterday, we can identify God’s plan for us by:

6. Knowing our calling: The calling here is not necessarily the church’s engagement or ministry; it could also be your talents. Your potential and what you are good at are a function of your purpose in life. What you love doing can reveal your portion in destiny. Pay attention to your hobby; it is an indicator of your calling.

7. Cutting down on excessive sleeping: A lazy fellow will never achieve anything if he looks at the weather (Proverbs 20:13, Ecclesiastes 11:4). Come rain or come shine, you must be ready to work. It is in labour that favour comes into play. For example, Joseph was blessed while labouring in a strange land. Beloved, if you are going to reap the rewards of your prayers and holiness, there is a dimension of hard work and diligence. Christ was the son of God, yet He never rested but did the work of His Father (John 9:4). So, whatever you find to do, do it (Ecclesiastes 9:10) because that is where your opportunity for transformation lies.


Hymn: All the way my Saviour leads me — Fanny Crosby (1875)

1. Holy Spirit, open myself to me and help me know who I am!


1. Father, please make me a vessel of praise and not a mourner.

2. Father, help me, the church, and our generation to maximise the grace for perfection.

3. Be disgraced, you consultant of doom assigned to battle down my life.


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