Acts 2:42-47 (42) – They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. (NAS)

Read: Romans 12

A chronic alcoholic who tried several Churches but couldn’t get help finally found an assembly that does not give up on people. The pastor told the man that they would be there for him. The Church members talked and worked on him regularly as he struggled to quit drinking alcohol. Within a few months, the man could trust God as his life slowly transformed. He got baptised, and while giving his testimony, the former alcoholic said the words below that no one knew:

“When I made the desperate call to the pastor, I had determined that would be my last try. If they couldn’t help me, I was going to jump from the 12th floor. Luckily, they did and received me with open arms. They encouraged me and never gave up on me, even though I gave up on myself. Through it all, I found myself as I found God.”

Beloved, here’s the message: the congregation knew that they needed the man even more than the man needed them. If there is anything that “koinonia” means to God’s people, it’s that we need one another. This was the experience of the Church in today’s Bible reading. The people received everyone with open arms and were united as they fellowshipped together daily. In the same manner, the hurting, the lost, the broken, and the abused should be the lifeblood of the Church in these times. The body of Christ must welcome all and never segregate. Without koinonia of this kind, how will the world know that we are Christ’s disciples?


Hymn: Oh, How I Love Jesus – Frederick Whitfield (1855)

1. Holy Spirit, reign in our hearts and the Church. Blot out every cause of disunity and self-centeredness.


1. Afflictions in my life, marriage, and the dream, backfire!

2. Father, empower us as individuals, families, and the Church to love one another as Christ did.

3. Every stone of shame thrown at my life and my destiny, go back to the sender!


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