1 Samuel 17:24-32 (29)
And David said, “What have I done now? Is there not a cause?” (NKJV)

Read: 1 Samuel 16:1-13

The day David was anointed by Prophet Samuel in front of everyone must have been a terrible day for his envious brothers. More so, when the boy decided to challenge Goliath, Eliab (the eldest brother) quickly scolded him by reminding him of his background. Eliab knew that the anointing his little brother carried would spur him to defeat Goliath and become famous, so he tried to discourage him. But David, who had inquired about the prize to be gained for facing the giant, defended his decision, saying, “Is there not a cause?”

There are people in a position of influence who you think are interested in your progress but may be conspiring against it. Many potentials have been wasted due to misleading counsel. If David had heeded Eliab’s chastisement, who would have saved Israel that day? In life, you need the discernment of the Holy Spirit to know what is right and the perfect timing to move into action. When you have identified a good cause and an opportunity to show God’s glory, go for it! Never allow the fear of what people will say or think to deprive you of the glory ahead.

Beloved, when discouragement comes, remember David’s response, “Is there not a cause?” Yes, is there not a cause for your life and a reason for your existence? Get up and rise above every limitation. With God on your side, you will surely not be put to shame but will excel, just as David prevailed over Goliath.


Hymn: He Leadeth Me – Joseph H. Gilmore (1862)

1. Any power assigned to twist my destiny and bury my glory, be buried now!

2. My life! Recognise your divine cause and reject evil counsel.


1. Father, empower me with boldness and the resources I need to excel in my destiny.

2. Father, let the mantra of the magicians over my life, family, and Church, be silenced.

3. Spend quality time praying in the Holy Ghost.


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