For every pregnant woman, before you travail, you shall see your baby by your side.

None shall be barren again. I decree according to Exodus 23:26, be fruitful and multiply.

Good things shall never finish before you arrive!

From tonight, your head rejects untimely death and reproach.

Your secret tears are now your public testimonies.

You shall dance. You shall laugh last!

I pray for you and myself, we shall see the end of 2021 as a better and greater people.

You shall no more be where you used to be. You are in a new season of grace, glory and power.

Whenever you decree, it shall receive instant divine backing!

I decree again! You shall laugh.

There is a word for someone, be assured that against all odds, they will get back to you early this week. And it shall be for joy!

Your letter of good news has arrived.

God shall break protocols for thy sake. He shall move men and women in authority for your uplifting.

Yes, you do not know anyone, but as the Lord of Heaven lives, you shall be preferred.

A small job, big pay!

Laughter today, sorrow tomorrow, is no more your experience. Receive lasting joy!

Like a dream, God is establishing someone in ministry. This ministry shall be global to the glory of God!

Your dead talent is coming to life.

God is remoulding someone’s head tonight. The head that has brought shame to you before shall begin to attract divine honour.

There is someone, in particular, lately, you have said to yourself: (What kind of head do I even have). God is turning your story around.

God is the lifter of heads, therefore, receive divine lifting.

Where you never thought you would get to and your children, God shall take you far above.

Receive honey in your cup.

Receive divine assistance where you never expected.

Receive mercy for your travails.

Receive your marital crown back.

Receive your vision and revelation back man or woman of God.

Receive your favour back!

Receive your life back!

Oh! That fellow who thought he or she has lost time, receive divine restoration!

Thank You, Jesus! That thing the enemies uses to manipulate your blessings is removed now!

There is someone here, it seems whenever your breakthrough is confirmed, it slips away. I decree by the power in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, every spiritual thief, scatters now by fire!

I do not know how God will do it, this one is beyond your imagination and ability, but as the Lord Almighty lives, this year shall not end until you get to that nation of your choice.

Us, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, wherever God has destined for you. Like a dream, He shall take you there as a King/Queen and not a pauper.

You will rule. No one connected to this platform shall be a person of yesterday.

Daily, you shall become better and greater!

Your health will never fail you.

That fellow, God is saying to you, your promotion has been signed.

From tonight, even your immediate family shall know that you are now on a new season and level.

People knew you before as a beggar, from now, you shall lend to organisations and nations.

Receive your liberty and deliverance.

Unsolicited help is your portion.

The miracles of come and see how did it happen, receive them this July 2021.

Your joy shall know no end.

I decree to everyone looking up to God for their day of marriage. You shall be divinely connected this July.

Receive help for your home.

I call forth your divinely ordained man or woman.

Be connected and God bless you, indeed.

We want to hear your testimonies as they occur. Please, share them in your local assembly and with us. Let us bless the world with them!

Just a quick warning! Please, be careful about false prophets and teachings sweeping all over the place. God’s promises for you are good and secure. So, do not let anyone deceive you and cause you to fear. Reject evil prophecies over you and your children. More importantly, be spiritually sensitive, hear God directly and pray without ceasing!