Good evening the family of God. Trust that you had a blessed weekend

We thank God for a glorious new month. Three months are already gone just like it’s 3 weeks.

Why not appreciate God for the breath of life and the privilege of existence.

Father, we bless and worship Your matchless name. We honour you, Lord!

Thank God for keeping you and your family safe and secure.

Thank God for His covenant of life and mercy upon you and your household.

The Almighty God shall receive your offering of praise and thanksgiving.

What eyes have not seen nor ears heard shall be your experience this April.

The glory of the Almighty God shall be seen roundabout you and in your life.

Mercy supersedes reproach, therefore your reproach is over in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

The night attackers and the day’s destroyers will never locate your temple!

The miracles of “Come and see, how did it happen”, shall be your testimony this month.

Your testimony of song shall be “I never see this kind God before o, wonder wonder wonder wonder!”

The goodness of the Almighty God shall never depart from your life.

Your cup of the wine of celebration shall continually be filled up!

I decree by the power of the most high God, you will mount up with wings like eagles this month.

It seems you will fail but by the power in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, you will never fall nor fail.

The wisdom and the knowledge of God that passes all understanding will be your reality.

You will see the new year 2024 in health and in wealth!

Someone is taking off the garment of madness.

They wanted to ensure you run mad but God has liberated you tonight! You will never run mad.

Someone is being healed of heavy feelings in the head.

Migraine is healed!

Diabetes is healed!

Sickle cell disease is healed right now!

Stroke healed!

Unnatural menstrual flow seizure is unblocked right now!

There is someone who was afflicted by an evil arrow. The arrow has returned back to the sender in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

There is someone who has been indicted in issues you know nothing about. God will vindicate you!

Your testimony shall speak louder than your efforts!

You will no longer struggle!

Your voice will be heard in nations of the world.

There is someone who does MC for events in the house. Recently, it seems things have been really bad. God will open doors for you!

It is your turn for divine elevation!

Your job offer shall be released this week. Don’t fret!

Above all your equals, you will be preferred for good!

This is for someone: Your mentor will reveal something to you this week. Be humble!

God will send help to you from above!

You will no longer be known with disappointment.

Like a dream, your wedding will be held this year.

You will celebrate your children’s weddings. No one will take your place!

Oh! That fellow, your lost idea is being restored.

That good dream and vision that you think will never be accomplished shall become a reality.

You are embarking on a journey this week. You will get there safely!

By the blood of Jesus Christ, you will prevail over any traps set for you and your family.

The goodness of the Lord will speak in your affairs.

Every means of transportation you will take this week is exempted from tragedies.

This month is our month of newness. All things have become new for you!

New fragrance!

New wine!

New joy!

New peace!

New song!

New strength!

New opportunities!

Indeed, you are blessed.

Rejoice, congratulations, it is a new dawn!

Things will no longer be bad as before. The grace of God will work for you!

April will favour you!

The hands of the wicked over your life shall wither!

Every finger pointed at you shall dry up!

You will live longer than the medics report.

There is someone with a stubborn child. You will no longer be troubled!

There is a fellow who singing is your hobby but it seems you don’t have the resources and help. God will resurrect your dream!

God is giving you nations!

Stop thinking small.

You will no more rise and fall.

You will rise above all equal.

Your testimony will be heard.

God will vindicate you!

Someone will receive payments threefold this month.

The money you never bargained for shall be released to you.

Rise up and shine!

God is giving you the land!

Fear not, you will not die!

When you receive your test results, they will be good news.

God will supply your needs this month beyond your imagination.


Arise and shine!

Be determined that this month will not be like any other. You will sing for joy!

I will publish your testimony.

Your naming ceremony will hold and you will be in attendance. This is because you will not die! Congratulations.