Good evening family of God. Trust that you had a blessed day and enjoyed the weekend.

Why not begin to appreciate the name of the Lord for His mercies.

God has been faithful and glorious to be praised. He is the King of all kings.

He knows all things and has kept you alive and sane for the fulfilment of His purpose.

Thank God for January, February and for this new month of March and even for the future.

I pray for you this evening that the Almighty God shall take the glory over your life.

God will take away every form of shame and affliction in your life and family.

Whatever has been a blocker of your joy is erased completely.

Every stain on your garment is hereby erased by the blood of Jesus Christ.

You have begun this month in joy, you will not end it in sorrows.

This March will not see your end, you will be highly favoured beyond measure.

Every aggression of the wicked over your life and family is silenced in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

The God of all flesh will empower you for greater exploits in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Where it seems the road is blocked, God will make a way of escape for you!

You will not weep over your loved ones!

Your cup will continually overflow with wine of celebration.

Every mouth condemning you today will sing your praise and congratulate you this month.

You will not be ashamed anymore!

You will have every reason to sing and dance for joy!

There is someone who has been failing an important examination, this month, you will pass with distinction.

A gift you have never imagined and received before will be given to you this week.

Where you have been looking up to God for blessings shall not be blocked.

God will raise new helpers for you!

In that situation of the valley, you will never be buried.

You will move from the valley to the mountain top!

You will rise beyond your family limit!

It may seem as if you will not marry or become fruitful but this month, God will perfect all that concerns you!

The next time the enemy sees you, they will bow to your God.

Anyone attacked with the spirit of madness is hereby delivered.

The mercy and the grace of God will speak for you this week.

God will open international doors for you where you least expect.

The goodness of the Lord will never depart from your household.

Where your star or name has been taken for incantation will work against them.

This week, men and women of great substance shall give into your bossom.

You will never beg for bread!

There are people who may be lured into shady businesses. To you, you think it is a pure business but something tells you to be careful. Watch it and flee!

I decree, you will not spend your days in prison.

Every plan to pull you down shall fail.

The secrets you need to go up higher shall be released to you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Every trap and attempt to lure you into confusion and shame shall fail by the blood of Jesus Christ.

March is the third month, you will receive triple blessings all round.

You will have triplets children.

You will receive triple in business profit.

Your salary and wages will be tripled this month in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

The helpers God will send to you this week shall be in triple.

You will receive divine encounters in triple folds!

You will become the star of your generation.

This week, every decision you make shall be perfect and accurate in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

You will not be denied that visa or job!

Your eyes of understanding will be enlightened.

There are people who do not know where the next meal will come from. I decree divine provision for you and your family in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Your voice will be heard and your presence shall bring blessings to your generation.

Whether you like it or not, you will be globally known for honour and outstanding breakthroughs.

From tonight, receive courage and confidence in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Whatever your life needs to become a perfect and worthy example for our generation, receive it in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

I decree by the authority in the mighty name of Jesus, by this time next month, you will be gloriously helped.

Your name will not be found among the dead.

God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.

Whoever is planning to silence your voice shall be silenced.

This is our month of grace for uncommon exploits. You will do uncommon exploits for God.

Where you list expect, God will use you for uncommon exploits.

You will be a lender to nations!

Note it today, things will no longer be as bad as they used to be. You will arise and shine!

You will not die poor!

Your long awaited promotion is hereby released in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Enjoy uncommon help!

Enjoy uncommon peace of God.

Every mockery is over concerning you!

There is someone whose dream life has become a dumping ground for witchcraft, receive deliverance tonight.

You have even dreamt of seeing yourself in the grave, receive your deliverance right now.

Any python or power that has swallowed your usefulness and money shall vomit them and die in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

There are wombs in the coven of darkness. If yours is among, receive your deliverance in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

The Bible says better is the end of a thing than the beginning, you will start and end this month with greater profits.

God is saying to that one fellow: You will win!

They have said you can’t amount to anything, but by the grace of God, you will arise and shine.

You will rise from the least to become the champion and the preferred.

You will not be disgraced!

Your joy will never end!

This week, you will not get a job that will end your life instead you will attract wealth.

Kings shall buy into your ideas.

The water in your river of wealth will not run dry.

The fish with your golden coin shall swim towards you this month.

You will not struggle this March!

You will not spend time in the psychiatric hospital.

God will honour all the words of your mouth this month!

You will not be small in life.

You will be a spiritual giant and do exploits!

God bless you indeed. Congratulations!

It is well with you and your family!

Why not begin to appreciate God as you take delivery of all His promise for you this March