Psalms 3:3 – But you, O LORD, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head. (ESV)

When a fellow’s time of favour comes, God will quicken the thoughts and actions of men to assist him. We saw an example in Mark 2:1-12, where a paralysed man’s friends went as far as breaking the roofs for him to meet Jesus. How many of us could do such? It takes divine-prompting to go the extra mile for others!

A few years ago, my wife and I travelled to a city where we already booked a hotel hoping to get a good house within days. However, we couldn’t get any suitable one on time, so we attempted to extend our stay in the hotel, but all rooms were now fully booked. Miraculously, we got an extension. On Sunday, while discussing in church, a woman suddenly asked, ‘What do they need? I have a free room in my house’. In sum, this madam did not only give a room, she also transported our baggage for up to three trips. What an extraordinary gesture!

Beloved, know it that irrespective of how anointed, rich, cute, bold, or talented we are, we all need assistance to excel in life. And, as assured by our Bible text, God can raise help for you at every strategic junction and lift your head from shame to fame. He can also make you a fountain of blessing if you entrust everything into His hands and obey Him (1 Samuel 2:8). Be Born Again!


Hymn: To God be the Glory – Fanny Crosby (1875)

1. Father, at every phase, please send help to me, and make me a blessing!


1. I shall not break the plate through which I eat!

2. My source and channel of supply shall not be blocked.

3. Pray for families, the church, and nations!


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