Matthew 27:32-44 (32) – As they were going out, they met a man from Cyrene, named Simon, and they forced him to carry the cross. (NIV)

At a park in East London, a cameraman captured a woodpecker carrying a little weasel (predatory mammal) as it took flight. Analysts believed the bird assisted the weasel to escape getting killed. If animals and ants could support each other (Proverbs 6:6), then no matter how healthy and wealthy we are as humans, we all need help! We see an example in today’s Bible reading where Simon of Cyrene assisted Jesus to carry His cross because a tree, no matter how sprout out can never make a forest.

Further, Dr Amos Fenwa, those years as a Bible student would teach an old colleague, things she didn’t understand. One day, the woman said, ‘Amos, I am wealthy, ask me anything’. In sum, she paid his fees until he graduated. Who says God cannot use anybody, things or situation to raise your head? (Psalms 3:3). Indeed, the Lord can send angels in the form of men and men as angels to you (Isaiah 41:10-13). However, we must be sensitive because these people don’t wear tags; it could be anyone. Be Born Again!


Hymn: Our Help in Ages Past – William Croft & Isaac Watts (1708)

1. Father, thank You for Your love and help towards me, hitherto.

2. Thou divine helpers of my destiny, locate me.


1. Lord, please use me to assist others in every positive way!

2. I rise above every storm at the strategic junction of my destiny.

3. Father, please lay Your hands of healing and deliverance on our lives, nation and the church.


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