Proverbs 13:4Lazy people want much but get little, but those who work hard will prosper. (NLT)

One of the reasons God created humans is for us to assist one another. However, we should not forget that God reserves the ultimate power (Psalms 60:11). Therefore, whether men fail or not, the Lord is the constant help and defence to the defenceless— He has transformed hopeless cases, and no matter your condition, ‘if you are willing’; He can turn it around! (Isaiah 1:19; 41:10-13). For example, Bartimaeus was desperately eager to receive his sight so that he cried out until he drew Christ’s attention (Mark 10:46-52).

Indeed, God helps the needy and vulnerable; yet, for help to reach us, there are parts we must play— l like to encourage you with the story of a local boy who travelled to the city and worked at a car wash. One day, a wealthy man brought his car, and from where he sat, he watched this boy wash with joy and diligence; so, he decided to assist him. In sum, The former car washer now earns over $12 Million in business annually. Why? Because divine help comes only to the steadfast, as our Bible reading says.

Beloved, help will never locate the physically and spiritually lazy because God places a demand on us to ask whatever we desire by faith (Mark 11:24). Therefore, as you work hard and pray continuously, help shall find you!


Hymn: Trust and Obey – John H. Sammis (1887)

1. Father, help me seek You diligently, to pay the price for glory!


1. Lord, I don’t want to be idle, please, open my eyes to opportunities.

2. Father, make my neighbours and me, pillars of support to our generation.

3. I decree! Long life and prosperity are my portions.


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