Proverbs 18:10 – The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe. (KJV)

Among hundreds of professional football goalkeepers, there are a few that stand out. I know of one man who is a quality shot-stopper with excellent skills and abilities. He is 6 ft 6 inches tall and has single-handedly, on many occasions, saved his team from defeat. His name is Edouard Mendy—the man with a humble beginning and currently the best Goalkeeper in European football. He is consistent and makes unbelievable saves in crucial matches that you might want to think that he can catch any fast-moving objects.

Now, if a man could be so hyped to save anything, how much more Jesus, who created and empowered humanity and whose primary purpose was to save humankind? The Bible tells us in our reading that Christ’s name is a fortress and fountain of salvation. For example, it was Jesus who saved Zacchaeus, the chief tax collector. This man had everything but lacked salvation until he encountered Jesus (Luke 19:1-10). Great miracles were also done in Christ’s name (Acts 4:1-12)—the blind could see (Mark 10:46-52) and demons were cast out (Matthew 8:28-34). In fact, the people were astonished beyond measure, and said, Jesus “has done all things well. He makes both the deaf to hear and the mute to speak.” (Mark 7:37).

Beloved, maybe you have gone through hard times in your career, business, marriage, or health? The Master is here; if you call upon Him (Jeremiah 33:3), He shall save you from the spell of defeat and struggles, even more than what Edouard Mendy could do for his team. Jesus is the saving grace. If you have Him, you have everything!


Hymn: Jesus Saves – Priscilla J. Owens (1882)

1. Father, thank You for helping me thus far in the journey of life.

2. Lord Jesus! I call on You today. Please, arise to save me!


1. Give quality praise to the Lord.

2. Father, destroy every physical/spiritual barrier, barrenness, disfavour, marital delays/strives, lack, closed destinies, shame and sicknesses (mention) in my life.

3. Father, as I step into the ‘Ember months’, please let my story change to glory.

4. If led, make a personal vow to God concerning your commitment to His work.


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