Job 8:7 – And though thy beginning was small, yet thine end shall be very great. (DBT)

Today’s Bible reading confirms that God is an advocate of progression (3 John 2). We saw an example of Joseph, who had an unpleasant start because of his brothers’ hatred; yet, he fulfilled his dreams and became a prime minister in Egypt (Genesis 37-41:37-46). Similarly, in 1 Samuel 16, little David was a forgotten shepherd when God prompted Samuel to ask if there was anyone left before he was brought forward and anointed as king (vs. 13).

Further, by all standards, Paul should never be an apostle, but through grace, he became one of the greatest Christ’s ambassadors (1 Corinthians 15:9-10). Because ‘when the world writes you off, the Lord can rewrite your story. After all, no one can determine the cause of your life except God’. And, that is why it does not matter what your present condition, the past and year have been, God can transform your ‘not enough to more than enough! (2 Corinthians 9:8).

Beloved, how rough has 2020 been? Besides, are you a gangster, prostitute, fraudster, or you came from a poor family. Whatever it is! ‘Never allow your background to push you to the ground’; if you repent and say, Lord! I need a turnaround; He will hearken unto you! (Jeremiah 29:11-13).


Hymn: Draw Me Nearer – Frances J. Crosby (1875)

1. I’m tired of ‘rise today, fall tomorrow.’ Father, help me stand firm!

2. My prayer life, glory, business, career, and finances, receive divine turnaround!


1. As July begins, Father, transform my mockery to my glory announcer.

2. God of wonders, from July, please give me a new song and perfect all that concerns me.

3. Lord, as a family, nation, and the church, let the second half of 2020 be filled with bountiful testimonies.


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