Luke 23:39-43 (43)
Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.” (NIV)

Read: John 11:25–27

Today is known as “Good Friday” because of Christ’s crucifixion and death on the cross at Calvary. Going by the account of Christ’s agony, it is physically hard to see anything good about today. In fact, some countries call Good Friday “Sorrowful Friday”. Regardless of what the day may be termed, “Good Friday” is very significant because the suffering and death of Jesus marked the turning point for humanity.

Satan’s greatest error was to coordinate Jesus’ execution because he had no idea that He would rise on the third day. Christ’s resurrection signified the triumph over sin (death) and brought the hope of eternal life. Therefore, Good Friday symbolises the beginning of redemption and a season of reflection on God’s sacrifice for mankind. Equally, the cross at Calvary signifies mercy, forgiveness, and peace (Psalms 85:10). This was why it is recorded in our Bible text that even at Jesus’ crucifixion, a convicted criminal got saved after acknowledging Him as the Lord and Saviour.

Beloved, if you are condemned by the law, guilt, sin, or people, you can be saved by confessing your sins and accepting Christ into your life! You will enjoy the benefits of salvation as you live in holiness. But what could yet make Good Friday a terrible day is when you decide to continue in sin. Iniquity makes God’s redemptive plan worthless. In other words, without your acceptance of salvation, the whole essence of “Good Friday” is defeated. Jesus is knocking at your door; will you let Him in?


Hymn: O Happy Day – Philip Doddridge (1755)

1. Father, thank You for paying the price for my salvation.

2. Reflect and pray continually as led by the Holy Spirit.

3. IT IS A LOADED WEEKEND OF DIVINE ENCOUNTER: It is Day 1 of our Easter Prayer Retreat.


1. Spend quality time praising God for Your redemption from death and hell.


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