Isaiah 28:18A – Your agreement with death and the world of the dead will be broken. (CEV)

No one should be ignorant of the devil’s tactics to steal, kill, and destroy because many people have been destroyed or marked for destruction. There was a story of a lady on a bus that lost control on the highway. In an attempt to escape, she jumped out of the moving vehicle, and the bus tumbled into the canal. The strange thing is that nobody was hurt, but the escaping lady was the only one crushed by an oncoming car.

When Satan marks someone for destruction, it only takes God’s intervention to save them. Therefore, I stand in the authority of Jesus’ name and on the basis of today’s Bible reading to cancel every agenda of shame and untimely death over your life.

Death is not only physical; it could also be spiritual, marital, or financial. When you fall into temptation (sin) or become prayerfully inactive, that’s spiritual death! When there is an unholy delay in getting married or no fruit of the womb in marriage, it calls for prayers. If your income does not match your labour, there is a limitation on your prosperity. Also, when good things do not succeed in your hands, it’s evidence that the destroyer is at work.

However, the good news is that there is a way out if you can pray and make amends as the Holy Spirit opens your eyes to your solutions. I encourage you to spend quality time praying the prayers below. It shall be well with you!


Hymn: Look and Live — William A. Ogden (1887)

1. I cancel the judgement of death issued against my family, business, and me (mention).

2. Declare daily: “I (name) shall not die, but live, to declare the works of the Lord.” (Psalms 118:17-19)


1. Ancient chains binding my hands and feet from prospering and becoming fruitful, break into pieces!

2. Blood of Jesus! Erase every sign of “Do not help” stamped on my head and body.

3. By the blood of Jesus, I break any spells that are keeping me or my children from getting married.

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